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  • Ninolac without added sugar

    Introducing great new tastes

    • With 14 essential vitamins and minerals
    • Made with all natural ingredients


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  • Ninolac Baby Cereals

    The ideal nutrition after mom's milk

    • All natural ingredients
    • Easy to digest


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  • Ninolac Mama

    Nurturing mothers to develop healthy babies

    • For pregnant and breastfeeding women
    • All you need in one milky cereal product


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  • Ninolac Gold

    For a healthier and more active life

    • Healthier heart, stronger bones
    • Better digestion and overall health improvement


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  • Dialife

    A better life for diabetics

    • One meal = 197 kcal
    • High Omega 3 and 6, high calcium, vitamins and minerals


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Baby girl eating Ninolac baby cereal

Delicious, smooth and nourishing cereals!

With great taste and optimal composition, NINOLAC BABY CEREAL is scientifically designed to be an ideal introduction to solid foods.

NINOLAC BABY CEREAL is made with natural ingredients. It has a balanced energy content, for optimal growth with less risks of obesity. The cereals used in its composition are partially hydrolyzed. This advanced technology breaks the cereals starch into smaller sugars and makes digestion easier for the baby. It also brings natural sweetness with less addition of sugar. 

NINOLAC BABY CEREAL is a good source of fibers, decreasing constipation and protecting the baby’s intestine. Its amino acid profile is close to that of mother’s milk and it contains lactose that improves calcium absorption providing stronger bones and teeth and improved immunity. What’s more: NINOLAC BABY CEREAL contains essential vitamins and minerals, covering all needs of the growing baby.